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Blackjack – The Red Seven Count Part2

I asked him to simulate the Red Seven Count, exactly as I had published it, with only six strategy changes, all made by running count, in two common games (at that time), and to compare the Red Seven results with two versions of the Hi-Lo… Continue reading

Blackjack – The Red Seven Point Values

Learn to count cards by adding and subtracting the following values as the respective cards are removed from the deck: Ace -1 10 -1 9 0 8 0 Black 7 0 Red 7 +1 6 +1 5 +1 4 +1 3 +1 2 +1 The… Continue reading

Blackjack – The Red Seven Count

Thus, in 1983, the Red Seven Count was born. When the first edition of this book was published, many blackjack authorities expressed disbelief that such a simple counting system could be so strong. Peter Griffin, whose monumental Theory of Blackjack (GBC, 1979) established him as… Continue reading